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Level 3 Award in AoFAQ First Person on Scene - Intermediate


This course gives candidates the skills, knowledge and confidence to stabilise a patient for up to forty minutes until an ambulance or other pre-hospital care provider arrives.


Who Should Attend?

  • Community first responders
  • Co responder e.g. police, fire and other emergency services
  • High risk working environments 
  • Military
  • First aid trainers
  • Security
  • Close protection
  • Stewards
  • Event medical industry
  • Voluntary sector
  • Cabin crew
  • First Aiders who wish to enhance their skills
  • Emergency response teams (ERTs)


The new Level 3 Award in the First Person on Scene (Intermediate) is an up to date qualification

underpinned by current practice. It provides learners with the knowledge and life savings skills to assess, manage and treat a patient in a trauma and/or medical emergency and to stabilise the patient for up to forty minutes before the ambulance or pre-hospital care providers arrive.

The qualification is regulated by the government department Ofqual and is clinically endorsed by the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, Faculty of Pre-Hospital (FPHC) Care and meets the Level 3 FPHC Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine Skills Framework. It is further approved by the Association of First Aiders.

On completion of the qualification, the learner will be eligible to apply to the Faculty of Pre Hospital Care for Level 3 membership.

Progression will be available up to a level 4 diploma (in development).

Course Outline

This course covers aspects including:

  • Scene safety
  • Scene management including triage
  • Patient assessment
  • The principles of manual handling
  • The management of catastrophic bleeding
  • Basic and intermediate airway management skills (including adjuncts)
  • Respiratory assessment
  • Management of breathing difficulties (including the use of oxygen)
  • Basic and Intermediate life support including AED
  • Management of haemorrhages and shock
  • Recognition and management of a range of medical emergencies
  • Recognition and management of a range of trauma emergencies
  • The recognition features of sepsis
  • Assisting the health care professional
  • Paediatric life support

Course Duration

30 Hours


Association of First Aiders (AoFAQ) - Level 3 - QCF OFQUAL -  Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh Regulated

Assessment Method

The practical Learning Outcomes are assessed by observation. 

  • Multi Choice Questions (MCQ) for theory and underpinning knowledge. 
  • The Practical demonstration of skills

To Awarded this qualification the Learner must 100% pass of the assessments carried out by observation together with a percentage pass in the MCQ paper

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