LUCAS 2 Chest Compression System

£ 8,286.35 each

Ideal for Offshore Locations

The LUCAS Chest Compression System is designed to help improve outcomes of sudden cardiac arrest victims and improve operations for medical responders. Performing at least 100 compressions per minute with a depth of 5cm, LUCAS can be deployed quickly with minimal interruption to patient care.

The LUCAS 2 Chest Compression System is a safe and efficient external CPR tool that ensures CPR given is both standardised and effective in the event of cardiac arrest.
Providing a high level of quality CPR for all patients, this tool is vital in ensuring patients' survival, it allows you to call for assistance and focus more on the victim's medical needs, such as medication or defibrillation, without interrupting CPR.
It sets up quickly and performs the compressions at a continued rate and will not stop until no longer connected to a power supply. This is important as someone administering CPR can become exhausted and no longer able to perform manual compressions.
It can be run off a battery alone as well as by an electrical or car power outlet. Using new Lithium-ion Polymer battery technology, it takes around 4 hours to charge and runs for approximately 45 minutes. The battery can last for around 3 years, or 200 uses depending which comes first, before it will need to be replaced.100 compressions per minute with a depth of 4-5 cm

  • 50/50 duty cycle, for compression and decompression
  • Complete chest recoil before next compression
  • Can be applied within seconds
  • Designed to minimize interruptions of manual CPR during application
  • Frees up caregivers to focus on other life-saving tasks; ventilation, medication, defibrillation etc
  • Small and lightweight Back Plate facilitates application in confined spaces.
  • Two compression modes; 30:2 mode or a continuous mode with ventilation alerts
  • Allows access to patient's chest to place defibrillation pads
  • Smart Restart function allows for an immediate resumption of compression after change of Battery as it remembers the patient settings during 60 seconds
  • Super lightweight at a tiny 0.6kg
  • Dimensions:
  • 13 x 8.5 x 5.5cm

Other accessories available, please contact one of the team members for further assistance.

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